Monday, 12 November 2012

Industry Scams?

In light of the hype surrounding "The Event" radio commercials, please be advised that any time in the film industry where you have to pay upfront, you should be wary. The radio commercial for "The Event" is claiming to be the way "in" into the film industry for young actors. The commercial states that young actors will have a shot to audition for  "Nickelodeon" and "Disney".  I have been notified by some parents of students who did attend this "audition". They were asked to pay a fee of $5000 to $8000 in order to attend "The Event" in Florida.

How can you tell if these opportunities are real or a money grab? You can think of it in this way: just as painters create paintings and artwork with paint and paintbrushes, actors create stories with our emotions and expressions. If someone appreciates the talents of a painter, then he or she can purchase the painting. The painter would never pay the buyer to take his/her painting right? The same goes for acting.  If an agent or casting director is interested in our talents, payment is owed to us, not to them. Keep in mind that an agent does take a cut from an actor, but only when the actor books work, never beforehand. 

While Expressions Film Studio is not proclaiming that "The Event" is a definitive scam, it is certainly not a legitimate means to enter the film industry. The website for "The Event" even states that it's about "vacation fun" and "world class resorts". Nowhere does it say that it is an audition opportunity solely for booking work. On their FAQ page it states clearly that they are not a talent agency or a casting company. 

Bottom line is this: Be informed, ask questions, and exercise caution whenever asked to pay upfront.

-Expressions Film Studio