"It is sometimes hard for me to articulate how important Reena's work at Expressions is to our acting community. As the mother of a young artist, it can sometimes be a difficult business to understand and to navigate. With Reena's knowledge we have always felt confident in her advice and grateful for the support she has provided to Taya surrounding her auditions. Reena has successfully created an atmosphere of safety, trust, encouragement and love. The students in her class are consistently getting opportunities for auditions and landing roles, solely because they are thoroughly prepared and confident in their skills. Just prior to Taya auditioning for a supporting lead role for a Canadian Independent film, Reena took the time to come over to our home, help her rehearse and gain confidence in relating the emotions of her character. Reena is compassionate and inspiring and her consistent development of the artist continues to impress. We are thankful for the confidence you instil in Taya, she has definitely grown under your guidance. Congratulations on the success of Expressions, Taya looks forward to studying with you for many years to come."
- Brenda B., (parent)

"My daughter has been with Expressions Film Studio from the very beginning. Seeing the growth in my daughter's acting skills shows that I have invested in the right place. My daughter enjoys the classes and loves the movie premieres! Reena is a wonderful instructor and loves to help her students in any way to achieve their acting dreams!"
- Galman Family

"I couldn't be happier about the classes my child is enrolled in at Expressions Film Studio! Reena is incredibly talented, organized, and attentive to the needs of her students. She is truly gifted and has the ability to bring out and enhance talent in our children. Her classes are structured but yet fun and my child cannot wait for class each week. Reena’s film studio provided my child with the skills and confidence to successfully audition for a variety of acting roles. In every way, Expressions Film Studio has met and exceeded my expectations--in its professionalism, its commitment to its students, and its approach with injecting creativity into our children!"
– Ashlie W., (parent)

"Expressions studio offers a safe, caring, and professional environment for children to develop age appropriate acting skills and knowledge. Reena invests herself with strong values, great passion and talent, and she consistently prioritizes the well-being of our children. One of the best gifts is how students embrace acting and create together as they learn. On a practical side, our 9 year old daughter can stand before an audience to speak or perform with confidence. After several years, she does not envision life without Expressions Film Studio. We are always ready for the next session to begin and watch her creativity flourish."

-Jamie C., (parent)